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American Legacy II



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American Legacy II contains 76 patterns derived from elegant entries, doors, transoms, stair landings, sidelights and windows found in stately American homes and stylish business districts. The collection includes period designs from the Victorian, Art Deco, and Arts & Crafts eras as well as a selection of popular Aesthetic and Prairie designs. Discover an array of florals and landscapes, along with many still lives featuring cherries, apples, bowls filled with fruits and grape designs suitable for the finest wine cellar. Each pattern is rendered using accurate color schemes and is annotated with the period style, original dimensions, date, and source of the original window.

We hope that you'll enjoy recreating these beautiful historic windows, or adapting the designs for stained glass box lids, window hangings, mosaics, jewelry, wind chimes, stepping stones, and many other purposes. Your artworks will be enjoyed today and by generations to come.