What Is Glass Eye 2000?

  • Parrot

    If you're a stained glass professional or hobbyist who loves to design your own windows, then Glass Eye 2000 is the product you have been waiting for. Glass Eye 2000 is software for the design of stained glass windows. With this software you can create precise designs that are easier to view and edit than any pencil and paper drawing.

  • Irises

    Glass Eye 2000 enhances the artistic process

    Glass Eye 2000 gives you the freedom to design virtually any window you can imagine. It supports your design work with a set of custom tools that make drawing, alignments, symmetry, measurement, and resizing easy. Let the software apply piece numbers or color codes to your design, then print. You can even calculate your materials usage.

  • Birdies

    See your design before you build it

    Imagine being able to resize your designs to any dimensions. Imagine being able to see, in an instant, the effects of different glass images or lead widths. Imagine being able to show your design to a customer before construction. All this, and more, is possible with Glass Eye 2000.

  • Elegance

    Glass Eye 2000 does it all

    There's no need to import or export your work to or from any other drawing package. You create, edit, scale, and print completely within Glass Eye 2000. It has the essential features found in expensive high-end CAD systems, but it's designed specifically for stained glass.

  • Aloysius

    It's easy!

    Glass Eye 2000 was designed by user interface experts who know how to make software easy to use. For those of you new to computer-aided design we have a tutorial that explains each program feature step by step. We also have within the software an extensive help system that's always just a keystroke away.

    See what our users are saying about ease of use by visiting our testimonials page.

  • Marilyn

    For Windows and Mac

    Glass Eye 2000 Standard, Professional, and Professional Plus editions run on Windows 98 and all later versions, including Windows 11. They also run on Macs with Boot Camp, Parallels or VMware Fusion (with Windows installed). The software occupies 64MB hard drive space.

    All versions of the Enterprise Edition run on Windows XP through Windows 7. Version 3.3 and higher will run on Windows 8 through Windows 11. Enterprise will run on Macs with Boot Camp, Parallels or VMware Fusion. Enterprise also requires a USB port.

    Glass Eye 2000 performs well even on older computers. You can download our trial version to evaluate its performance with your hardware.